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Records of Events.Edit

In Faerûn there are a series of events that take place that mark up the beginning of a year or age, each year or age is named for major events that take place. In most terms you will rely on the year to year system, but when speaking with scholars they may use ages to define particular stretches of time. These are usually longer than a year, though in several instances this is not true. Below you will see a listing from year 0 to year 1400, there are some years not listed, this is because they lacked any significant events, or because they lacked a significant event but belong to an age length.

Ages can be seen below the year to year time line.

Years starting from 0Edit

Age of Breaking (end) - year 0 - This year represents the end of the age of breaking, when the gods finished overthrowing the proto-deities. This age lasted for 6,000 years.

Yeah 1 to 113 - Age of Chaos

Year 114 - Year of discovery - This year was when the varied races of the world discovered the gods statues.

Year 115 - Year of the divine - This year is named for the year that elves revealed they had discovered divine magic, and how it was to be gained through the gods.

Year 116 - Year of the Planes - In this year a Cleric of Boccob found an archaic planar gate and managed to activate it, This was the first known instance of planar travel.

Years 117-129 - No events

Year 130 - Year of doubt - This year was marked by the arrival of Devils, they nearly toppled all of the established governments within one year. Their defeat marked the end of the year of doubt exactly one year after they arrived.

Year 131 - Year of Rebirth - In this year there was a monumental discovery or the spell "Ressurection" This was followed by two decades of fall out as people who thought they had become gods started rebellions across the lands.

Year 132 - 151 - Age of Defiance

Year 152 - Year of peace - This year is marked as the year of peace because it is said that no where in the world was anything done that harmed anyone in any capacity, several pieces of information say that when an act of violence was commited near the end of the year the skys darkened and rain fell as the gods wept for the loss of peace.

Year 153 - Year of the Martyr - This year was named for the ritual suicides of the high priests of each faith. (Their reasons behind this has yet to be discovered.)

Year 154-199 - No events

Year 200 - Awakened Arcane - The first Arcane spells were cast in this year, many thought it was Demons returning to attempt to erradicate mortal life, this social issue continues through to the year 643 when Wizards establish two towers and an unknown number of coven houses.

Year 201 - 300 - Age of abandoning Gods

Year 301 - Year of the black rain - This year was marked by unending rain that brought the world into chaos for one year, undead were stronger, evil began getting a foot hold in the world again, and the rain began the birth of monsters.

Year 302 - Year of wild magic - After the Black Rain, there was a rip in the balance that caused wild magic to be a problem for all arcane casters, the development of the wild mage was born in this year.

Year 303 - 320 - Age of the Demi Gods

Year 321 - Year of the Horde - This year marked the rise of the Orc Horde.

Year 322 - Year of the Ghoul - In this year the first Sentient Ghoul was created by a Thayan Wizard.

Year 333 - Year of the Plague - In this year the first Sentient Ghoul spread a magical plague that nearly destroyed Thay.

Year 334 - Year of the Dragon Wars - Metalic and Chromatic Dragons went to war in this year, dozens of Dragons died in the first month, and hundreds were dead by the time they reached a peaceful agreenemtn regarding territories.

Year 335 - 400 - Age of the Orc Wars - For 65 years all of the Orc Clans had what they called "A tournament" to the rest of the world it was a massive war the raged all over the northern provinces. At the end of it they had unified under one leader.

Year 401 - 578 - No Events

Year 579 - Year of Mastery - This year marks the rise of the Archmages.

Year 560 - Year of the Archmagi - In this year the Archmages had discovered evidence of Archmagi, including a powerful artifact.

Year 561 - Year of the Beholder - This year was named for the rise of Beholder cults. They are still scattered around the world, but are not publicly advertised.

Year 562 - No Event

Year 563 - Year of no magic - This year was named due to the lack of magical functionality, none know why it was happening. But roughly one year later everything began returning to normal.

Year 564 - 613 - Age of Dwarven uprising.

Year 614 - 700 - Age of Abolishment

Year 701 - 765 - No Events

Year 766 - Year of Glimpse - this year was marked for the issue with Divine magic, where all divine magic had unexplained intrusions of visions of Orcs with black skin attacking other people.

Year 767 - Year of unrest - This year was marked due to rising tension between the east's and west's differing views on laws and ethical treatment of sentient beings.

Year 768 - 800 - Age of Distress

Year 801 - Year of the rising Orc - This year is marked by the known rising of the orcs, and the revealing of Orc hordes massing in the east moving west, lead by AofRed these Orcs have been tainted by demon blood in a strange ritual that allows the blood of the demon used to inhabit the Orcs body.

Year 802 - 802 - Age of Shadows

Year 803 - Year of endless tides - This year is named for the tides that struck the eastern coast of Faerun, nearest to Winterkeep.

Year 804 - Year of returning shadow - This year is marked for a familiar shadow moving over the western oceans, no one seems to recall why it's familiar.

Year 805 - 830 - no events

Year 831 - 900 - Age of waking Gods

Year 901 - Year of Wrath - The world marked this year by wrath cast out by Thyssyk Do'mirnan, entire countries had fire rained upon them for their inability to find peace, frustration drove Thyssyk to war with the rest of Faerun, it took nearly a year for his reasons to become clear but when they did, none doubted his decision.

Year 902 - Year of Rest - This year marked the year that Thyssyk had put his power to use rebuilding the broken lives of all affected by the year of Wrath.

Year 903 - 930 - No Events

Year 931 - 1,000 - Age of Mourning

Year 1,001 - Year of prosperity - This year was marked by the exponentially improving lives of all the citizens of Faerun.

Year 1,002 - 1,023 - No Events

Year 1,024 - Year of retribution - This year was marked for the Church of Heironeous' march into the Abyss, to Crusade against the evil that plagues the world.

Year 1,025 - Year of the Abyss - This year marks the end of the Chuch of Heironeous' march into the Abyss, and the discovery that the Abyss is endless.

Year 1,026 - 1,064 - No Events

Year 1,065 - 1,100 - Age of the Vile

Year 1,101 - 1,150 - Age of Possession

Year 1,151 - 1,400 - No Events.

It is important for everyone reading this to understand that due to the Wheel of Eternity many events can take place differently, this document will be updated as frequently as possible to ensure that you scholarly individuals can be kept appraised of this time line.

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