Winterkeep stands along the North East coast of Faerun, near the Great Ice Sea inlet. It was constructed in the Age of Chaos, for the safe keeping of gold and other riches found scattered across the horde lands, though many seem to agree with this history it is a known fact to some scholars, high priests, and Archmages that underneath the keep is a portal salvaged from the Age of Breaking, this portal is the only known access point to the wheel of eternity, and ever spinning coil of energy that has endless strands of energy stretching off into darkness, at the core of this place there is a sphere that each strand of energy flows into, this sphere represents the coil of existence, and can show any individual any person place or thing from any point in any plane... if they know how to use it.

A select few have been chosen to carry with them a set of gloves that allow limited manipulation of the strands of energy, allowing re-shaping, and undoing of events. These artifacts are called "Gloves of Eternity" there are only three sets of gloves, one set is in possession of Thyssyk Do'mirnan, lord of Winterkeep. Lyra Mythrilstalve, also known as "Lady of Creation" or "Mistress of Golems" and "The Mythril Mistress", and the last set is in the possession of Illiander Latheron, a.k.a "Illiander the Green" or "Lord of Death", these three people must be present in the wheel of eternity or the gloves will not work, meaning that each person must see a need for the wheel to be manipulated.

Thyssyk Do'mirnan took ownership of the keep at the end of the Age of Chaos, and continued to rule over the keep until the year 740 when he vanished from society leaving his son Tikaru Matsu in charge of the keep, later in the year 802 Tikaru Matsu met his fate in a battle against AofRed, and Winterkeep crumbled to the ground, none of the rubble was able to be moved by any of the people that came to build a new structure over the remains.

in the year 802 AofRed moved a large force of Orcs onto the rubble of Winterkeep and drove them day and night to begin a fortress that he would use to lay siege to the rest of Faerun.

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